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Initial Launch of MSLite

To start working with MinerStats Lite on Windows or Linux, you should download the archive and unpack it. For this you should visit page with demo version of the software located at the following address: http://lite.minerstats.ru and press the button «DOWNLOAD NOW!». Pressing this button will initiate download of the archive. It can also be downloaded from the direct link located here: http://minerstats.ru/lite/MSLite-latest.zip.

● Once you downloaded and unpacked the archive you will see the folder containing the following files:

  • fw is the folder with firmware files;
  • pools is the folder with files used to adjust the pools;
  • profiles is the folder with files used to adjust overclocking profiles;
  • media, templates, tor are the folders with software-related data;
  • MinerStatsLite-linux-armv6 is the file for linux-armv6 (on demand)
  • MinerStatsLite-linux-armv7 is the file for linux-armv7 (on demand)
  • MinerStatsLite-linux-x64 is the file for linux-x64;
  • MinerStatsLite-windows-x64 is the file for windows-x64.

● You should select and open the corresponding file for your OS. ● The window will open and you will have to enter the address for launching the software. You can use localhost:80 by default and then statistics will be available only on your currently used device.


You can enter your IP address in the following format: IP of your computer:80 (ex: Then everyone in your network will be able to see statistics after connecting to the software.

● Pressing enter, you will get the current configuration of IP addresses and the address used to launch the software.

● Next, copy the link and enter it to the browser.

● Once you entered the address in browser, enter the login and password. Default login and password are admin/admin. Later you can change authorization data in settings.

● Then you will be redirected to the page used to configure IP addresses. To complete the initial setup, you should enter IP addresses of your ASICs as a list or range and save these data. After that, software will collect all the data about devices you use.

● So, software is now all set and ready to work with. More information about interface and other basic settings you will be able to get from the next instructions.

MinerStats Team

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